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Last Modified May 14, 2019

Help with PDFs

How can I view a PDF document?

In order to view a PDF document, you need free software called Adobe Acrobat Reader, created by the company called Adobe.

However PDFs are not easily accessible to all users so Adobe has developed a method of converting PDF documents into HTML (normal web pages), a more accessible format for assistive technologies.

How do I convert a PDF document into HTML?

The URL (the web address) of a PDF document will appear in the web browser address bar when it is selected. Copy the url (normally looks like this: http://www.nameofsomething...) and then visit Adobe's website on the link below.

Once on Adobe's website as highlighted in the link above, you will see an online form created by Adobe. Simply paste the URL into the box you will see and the contents of the PDF will be automatically converted to HTML - an ordinary web page; and in that form it should then be accessible.

There are further features and capabilities of Adobe products that enhance electronic document accessibility for people with disabilities such as blindness, low vision, and motor impairments. You can visit their website using the link below, where you will find this information and links to resources that help people with disabilities work more effectively with Adobe software.

I am having problems opening or downloading a PDF document

If you have a copy of the Acrobat Reader, but after clicking on one of the links you cannot open the document:

  • Try refreshing the page by pressing the "Ctrl" key with the "F5" key (or "shift" key with the "Reload" on some browsers) or
  • Use the right button on your mouse and select the name of the document then choose 'Save target as' and save it to your computer. You should then be able to open the document.

If you are still having problems please contact us..

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