We undertook a new Call For Sites in October 2022 to get a clear understanding of land that might be available, suitable and achievable for future housing (including self-build and custom-build housing, as well as Gypsy and Traveller pitches) and employment uses over the next 15 years.

We also asked people to submit land for Biodiversity Net Gain, flood risk management and other green/blue infrastructure.

Site submission questionnaire (DOCX 189KB) to be submitted, as well as a site plan with the site boundaries clearly marked.

Important: The submissions are not Hertsmere proposals. Instead they are proposals put forward by site promoters and land owners based on individual representations.


Draft HELAA 2024 

The Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) is a technical study prepared to inform the Council’s new Local Plan. The assessment and identification of sites has no status in formally allocating land for future development and will not be treated as a material consideration in any future decision that the Council makes on individual planning applications. The Draft HELAA report is provided giving the opportunity for comment prior to finalising the study. Should you wish to comment on the HELAA please email: local.plan@hertsmere.gov.uk

This version of the HELAA has been broken down by settlement for ease of viewing.

Please note the site maps will be updated in due course for greater clarity.

Draft HELAA Report 2024 (PDF 2.13MB)

HELAA Index (PDF 537Kb)

Borehamwood and Elstree

Pro-formas (PDF 2.94MB)

Maps (PDF 19.33MB)

Elstree Village

Pro-formas (PDF 967Kb)

Maps (PDF 3.67MB)


Pro-formas (PDF 2.27MB)

Maps (PDF 16.06MB)

Potters Bar

Pro-formas (PDF 2.12MB)

Maps (PDF 18.12MB)


Pro-formas (PDF 1.89MB)

Maps (PDF 11.17MB)


Pro-formas (PDF 1.37MB)

Maps (PDF 8.37MB)

South Mimms

Pro-formas (PDF 1.59MB)

Maps (PDF 6.33MB)

Other Sites

Pro-formas (PDF 1.64MB)

Maps (PDF 10.45MB)

Employment Sites

Pro-formas (PDF 2.94MB)

Maps (PDF 19.88MB)

'Call for Employment Sites' 2021

A 'Call for Employment Sites' was previously issued to identify a number of new sites being promoted for economic development, which have not been previously submitted to us for assessment. The identification of such sites will, if included in our Local Plan, help underpin the borough's economic recovery from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Important: The submissions included within the ‘Call for Employment Sites’ are not Hertsmere proposals. Instead they are proposals put forward by site promoters and land owners based on individual representations.

Presentation to Member Planning Panel, 30th March 2021. (7.19KB)

All of the individual site submissions can be found below and any additional supporting technical documents submitted with these responses can be viewed on request.

Further information on this process is provided within the Frequently Asked Questions  document (599kb pdf)

Information received through previous calls for sites is set out in the latest Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment report published in 2019 (see below).

'Call for Employment Sites' submissions March 2021

Land North of the Hilton, Borehamwood Questionnaire (173Kb), Map (643Kb), Representations

Land East of Rowley Lane, Borehamwood Questionnaire (164Kb), Map (746Kb), Representations (2.19Mb)

Land South of Rowley Lane, Borehamwood Questionnaire (172Kb), Representations (640Kb), Concept Plan (394Kb), Concept Document (3.17Mb)

Land East of Furzefield Wood, Potters Bar Questionnaire (1.64Mb)

Land South of Barnet Road, Potters Bar Questionnaire (426Kb), Map (131Kb)

Land East of Southgate Road, Potters Bar Questionnaire (425Kb), Map (654Kb)

Land South-East of Junction 24 (M25), Potters Bar Questionnaire (425Kb), Map (235Kb)

Charleston Paddocks, South Mimms Services Questionnaire (173Kb), Concept Plan (522Kb), Representations (522Kb)

Land on the North side of Little Bushey Lane, Bushey Questionnaire (237Kb), Concept Document (2.63Mb)

Land West of Gullimore Farm, Bushey Questionnaire (8.83Mb)

Mercure Hotel, Bushey Questionnaire (228Kb), Representations  (3.94Mb), Concept Plan 1 (3.62Mb), Concept Plan 2 (3.58Mb)

Land between A41 and M1, East of Bushey Questionnaire (1.60Mb)

Bushey Hall Golf Club, Bushey Questionnaire (173Kb), Map (1.15Mb),  Representations (614Kb), Concept Plan Phase 1 (2.60Mb), Concept Plan Phase 2 (2.10Mb)

Land to the West of Hillfield Lane, Patchetts Green Questionnaire (1.03Mb)

Hillfield Farm, Aldenham Questionnaire (1.77Mb)

Elstree Aerodrome, Aldenham Questionnaire (1.64Mb)

Slades Farm, Aldenham Questionnaire (1.70Mb)

Home Farm, Aldenham Questionnaire (3.43Mb)

Rectory Farm, Shenley Questionnaire (174Kb), Representations (147Kb), Concept document (4.37Mb), Concept Plan (307Kb)

Land to the North of Bell Lane, London Colney Questionnaire (236Kb), Representations (1.05mb), Concept Plan (1.03Mb)

Land near Salisbury Hall, London Colney Questionnaire (236Kb), Representations (911Kb), Concept Plan (3.12Mb)

Land off Stag Hill (Hadley on Hill), Potters Bar Questionnaire (1.11Mb), Map  (104Kb)

HELAA Report  2019

This version of the HELAA followed publication of a draft report in 2018 which provided an opportunity for comments to be made prior to finalising the study. A study of those comments and how they have been addressed is set out in the 2019 HELAA Report.

HELAA Report 2019 (4.36MB)


HELAA 2019 site maps - Bushey (22.5MB)

HELAA 2019 site maps - Borehamwood and Elstree (28.6MB)

HELAA 2019 site maps - Potters Bar (19.6MB)

HELAA 2019 site maps - Radlett (14.3MB)

HELAA 2019 site maps - Shenley (13.4MB)

HELAA 2019 site maps - Elstree Village (6.60MB)

HELAA 2019 site maps - South Mimms (11.4MB)

HELAA 2019 site maps - Other Locations (6.12MB)

HELAA Update May 2018

Sites promoted through the Call for Sites in 2017 and the Issues and Options consultation in 2017 are published on an interactive map.

The map includes links to basic information about the site, including the submitted site plan and questionnaire.