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List of Services

Last Modified May 14, 2019

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War Memorials

War Memorials information

Ward Improvement Initiative Scheme

Ward Improvement Initiative Scheme information and link to application form

Watch schemes

Find out information about the safety watches that exist in Hertsmere

Webcasting of public meetings during pre-election period

We won't be live webcasting our public meetings until after the Borehamwood Kenilworth ward by election on 13 February


Hertsmere webcasts

Weekly Planning Application Lists

Hertsmere planning weekly list of registered planning applications.

Welwyn Hatfield Call for Sites

Read Frequently Asked Questions about the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council consultation on sites promoted through the Call for Sites 2019.

What are Business Rates and how are they calculated?

Business rates - find out what they are, how they are calculated and the properties they are charged on. Get more information on any reductions and relief.

What goes in my bin?


What happens after permission is granted?

This page provides details of the process after planning permission has been granted. The page provides information on conditions and informatives and how these are used to control development.

What happens if I don't pay my Council Tax?

Can't pay council tax or missed a payment? Find out the process we take from sending out reminders and final notices to summonses and liability orders,

What is Council Tax and how is it spent?

How is council tax spent? Find out about what it is, how council tax supports public services and how your bill is broken down and spent.

What is Street Naming and Numbering?

Have you ever wondered who names the streets in Hertsmere? Look no further. Find out what it is, why it is important and more about our policies and procedures.

When staying at home isn't safe

Press release about domestic violence support during the coronavirus pandemic.

Who does what?

Information about what council is responsible for what services

Who is your Hertsmere hero?

Press release about the Civic Awards 2020.

Who looks after what in your streets?

Information on who looks after what in your street

Why Hertsmere?

Hertsmere's assets, challenges and opportunities

Work experience

Work experience opportunities at Hertsmere - find out about our Youth Connexions partnership for local school children to find work experience placements.

Works to trees protected under a Tree Preservation Order (TPO)

This page provides details on how to complete the forms for works to trees protected under a tree preservation order (TPO)

Wyllyotts Theatre, Potters Bar external link

Wyllyotts Theatre Potters Bar website
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