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Borehamwood residents receive Safer Streets advice

Last Modified April 10, 2019
Residents in Borehamwood received advice on home and fire safety, as well as crime prevention, as part of the Safer Streets initiative on Saturday (6 April).

Representatives from a number of different agencies, including police and fire service personnel, visited 37 homes in Maydwell Lodge and there were four home fire safety and three crime prevention referrals, along with seven Neighbourhood Watch referrals.

Valerie Kane, Community Safety Manager, said: “The Safer Streets project provides agencies with the opportunity to advise residents on how they can stay safe.

“This latest visit was a success and was really well received by residents in the street who were able to find out more about the good work carried out by the different agencies represented during the visit, as well as having the chance to report any issues they were having.”

PCSO Tegan Gethin-Golder said: “It was a really good opportunity to meet residents and give out crime prevention advice and encourage residents to join Neighbourhood Watch. Most people were pleased to see us and we hope they will take on board the advice.

"Residents who sign up to Neighbourhood Watch will receive emails about crime, missing people and other relevant information in their local area. Simply sign up to the Online Watch Link (OWL) at www.owl.co.uk or speak to your local PCSO.”

For more information about Hertsmere Community Safety Partnership.
Posted on Wednesday 10th April 2019

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