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New campaign urges 'Get checked for cancer'

Last Modified February 03, 2023

An innovative project aimed at raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of cancer and encouraging Hertsmere residents to get checked for early signs of disease, has launched today (4 February), World Cancer Day.

As part of Hertsmere Against Cancer, anybody identified as eligible for cancer screening but who has not taken up their invitation, will be called by trained NHS staff and offered advice and support to book an appointment to get checked. National screening programmes are run for breast, bowel and cervical cancers. Cervical cancer screening calls have already resulted in women across the borough being booked in for potentially lifesaving screening.

The project is the first collaboration between us and the NHS since the new Herts and West Essex’s Integrated Care System came into force. It is also being delivered in partnership with Locality Delivery Group, Herts 5 and Potters Bar PCNs, Herts Health and Local Patient Participation Groups and funded by Hertfordshire County Council.


Councillor Meenal Sachdev, Portfolio Holder for Community Leisure, Health and Wellbeing, said: “Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide, with one in two people being diagnosed in our lifetime.

“Early diagnosis gives the best chance of survival for many types of cancer which is why knowing what to check for and always taking the opportunity to undergo screening is so important.

“I urge you all to take up your screening invites. When you get a call from our teams, please take the opportunity to raise any concerns so that you can access appropriate support.”


Dr Liam Chapman, Chair of the Hertsmere Locality Delivery Group and Borehamwood GP, said: “I am delighted to see the collaborative working across the health, social and community sector which has come together to be involved in this vital area of proactive and preventative healthcare.

“COVID had significant impact on cancer diagnosis and its knock on effects and it’s so vital to have targeted programmes like this to improve early cancer diagnosis and provide the opportunities for early intervention that have such a critical impact on outcomes for the patient.”


Alongside contacting patients directly a media campaign and community events raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of cancer will be taking place across the borough through the course of the year.

Screening involves testing apparently healthy people for signs of the disease, allowing cancer to be found at an early stage or even prevented. Find out more about screening at Screening for cancer | Cancer Research UK


Posted on Saturday 4th February 2023

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