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Changes to car parking fees and permits

Last Modified June 26, 2017
Seamus Quilty

Changes to car parking fees and permits in Hertsmere will be coming into effect from Monday, 10 July. 

The increases in car parking charges are being implemented in response to continued reductions in central government funding.   In recent years, Hertsmere Borough Council has worked hard to keep our portion of the council tax bills low by either freezing them or applying small increases annually, whilst raising some charges elsewhere. 

Councillor Seamus Quilty, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Transport, explained: “Like all local authorities across the country we’ve had to make some tough decisions about services in light of the on-going pressures on our resources. 

"Here in Hertsmere, residents have once again helped us make these decisions through special 'participatory budgeting' surveys during which they indicated that parking charges were something they don't mind paying a little extra for."

The changes are:

On street pay and display parking areas:

The first 30 minutes will remain free, with a 70p charge for up to an hour (an increase of 20p). Where an additional hour is permitted, there will be an hourly increase of 20p. 

In Bushey Heath, the one hour parking charge be 50p (an increase of 30p) as part of a phased approach to bring this area in line with other High Street settlements in the borough. 

Off street council-run pay and display car parks:

An increase of 20p for an hour (70p to 90p) and a 20p increase per hour after that. 

Annual special parking permit charge:

This will increase from £15 to £25 per year.  This is to bring the cost in line with the cost of one residential parking permit. 

Councillor Quilty: “We hope everyone will continue to appreciate that the first half hour of on street parking outside shops will remain free. In addition, our current charges are low in comparison with neighbouring local authorities. We feel the charges are still at a reasonable rate and are still much cheaper than surrounding areas.”

Please visit our parking page for further information about revisions to parking charges and our parking management strategy.

Posted on Monday 26th June 2017

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