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New splash park has opened!

Last Modified June 09, 2017
Bushey's new splash park has now opened!

Bushey's new splash park has opened today (9 June). 

The ‘tropical island’ splash park, in the King George Recreation Ground, includes designated areas suitable for families, toddlers and pre-teens.

The splash park was due to open in time for the May Bank Holiday, but due to a technical fault with the electrical circuit board during final testing, was delayed.

Steve Burton, Head of Street Scene, said: “I'm delighted that this fantastic new family facility is now open. The new splash park, alongside our excellent play equipment, means there is something for all ages in the park. I hope families will be able to spend many happy hours outside playing in our award-winning park.

“The new splash park can cater for more people at a time, nearly three times the capacity of the paddling pool, so I know it will bring a lot of joy to more families this summer and for years to come.

“It was deeply regrettable that we couldn’t open as planned, but we had to be sure that it was in top working condition before it opened.”

The new splash park replaces the former paddling pool at the park, which opened in 1999 and, over the past few years, had encountered some operational difficulties. It has been funded by section 106 money, which is money given to the council through the planning process for local development.

The splash park will be open every day between 10am to 5pm until September.

Here's a short video from our YouTube channel


Posted on Friday 9th June 2017

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