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Councillor Penny Swallow resigns

Last Modified March 16, 2017

Penny Swallow has resigned as a Hertsmere ward councillor for Potters Bar Oakmere after nine years with Hertsmere Borough Council.

Hertsmere’s Chief Executive Donald Graham received a letter of resignation from Mrs Swallow on 15 March 2017.

Mr Graham said: “We thank Penny for her time as a local councillor and wish her well in the future.”

Mrs Swallow was a Conservative councillor and was elected to Hertsmere Borough Council in 2007.

Leader of the Council and Leader of the Conservative Group, Councillor Morris Bright, said: "Penny is a long serving member who has done a great deal during her time as a Hertsmere councillor.

"She will be greatly missed, but we all wish her a happy retirement in Norfolk. I have passed on much thanks to her for nine years’ service.”

Constituents in Potters Bar Oakmere who wish to contact a local councillor can instead contact Cllr Jean Heywood or Cllr Ruth Lyon.

Details of all councillors and how to contact them are available on here.

Further details are available on our Election Notices page.

Posted on Thursday 16th March 2017

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