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Grant scheme for communities to take climate action launched

Last Modified May 24, 2022

Our changing climate affects all of us. To help promote green schemes, Hertsmere Borough Council is inviting local community groups to apply for a new grant to help them take action on climate change.

The new Climate Action Community Grant provides funding of up to £500 to community-based organisations taking measures locally to tackle our climate emergency.

The aim is to encourage volunteers and communities to take action through a range of initiatives, including energy efficiency measures; renewable energy; promoting active and sustainable transport; reducing waste; improving the use of resources; enhancing biodiversity; reducing carbon emissions; through to supporting local, sustainable or seasonal food production.

Councillor Seamus Quilty, Portfolio Holder for Environment, believes the council’s Climate Action Community Grant is a brilliant opportunity to help make Hertsmere a cleaner, greener place while also combating climate change. 

Cllr Quilty, said: "People and groups across Hertsmere are already developing projects, schemes and activities that will contribute to mitigating the effects of our changing climate. To support communities and individuals, we've also published guidance, advice and suggestions on our website.

"Addressing climate change is a major focus of our work at the council and we've set out our plans for reducing carbon emissions resulting from our services and operations, as well as developing green schemes such as the cycle hire scheme and refill stations.

"A key part of this work is encouraging and enabling our communities to act against climate change. We know that some of these schemes will need funding to get established, so I'm pleased that we're offering practical support in the form of these grants. I hope this will encourage people to turn their ideas into action and I look forward to seeing the innovative and creative projects that result from this extra financial help."

The grant is for any community group that needs help to set up a project. The grants will support practical measures such as tree planting and habitat improvement; education programmes to increase awareness and the skills needed to change and adapt lifestyles; green travel and transport schemes; energy saving in community buildings; local food initiatives; and recycling and reuse projects.

“It’s so important that we all take action now to make our society green and carbon-neutral,” added Cllr Quilty. “Tackling climate change may seem like a huge task, but it’s all about ‘thinking global, acting local’ – we can all make a difference by taking action where we live.”

The closing date for applications is Thursday 30 June. Decisions will be made in July and grants allocated in August. 

This new initiative forms one part of the council’s ambitious plans to achieving net zero carbon emissions before 2050. 

To find out more about the Climate Action Community Grant or to apply, please visit www.hertsmere.gov.uk/CACG

Posted on Tuesday 24th May 2022

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