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Solar farm inquiry to begin next week

Last Modified October 12, 2022
A public inquiry into a decision to refuse planning permission for a 130-hectare solar farm near Aldenham will begin next week.

The inquiry will be conducted by an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and will open on Wednesday 19 October. It will consider the core documents related to the case, including the appeal statement and planning committee report.

To view the core documents and check dates for the inquiry go here.

The inquiry will be livestreamed and can be watched live here.

The application for the construction and operation for 35 years of a grid-connected solar photovoltaic farm with battery storage and other ancillary infrastructure was submitted at the beginning of last year by Elstree Green Limited.

A six-week public consultation on the application was held in which more than 1500 comments were submitted.

The application was refused permission at our planning committee in November last year.

Posted on Wednesday 12th October 2022

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