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Electric car charging points are coming to Hertsmere

Last Modified April 20, 2017

Five new electric car charging points will be installed across the borough later this year.

Hertsmere Borough Council’s Executive group approved the introduction of cashless pay as you go electric car charging points at three car parks across the borough at last night’s meeting (Wednesday 19 April).

The fast charging points, which take between three to four hours to fully charge a vehicle, will be specifically located at car parks across the borough.

The introduction of car charging points comes as part of the council's Parking Standards Policy, which aims to reduce emissions in Hertsmere and improve air quality.

Steve Burton, Head of Street Scene, who has led on the project, said: “We have been updating our car parks and a part of this scheme has been to future-proof them ready for electric charging points.

“Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly common and we need to do as much as possible to encourage drivers to swap to ultra-low emission vehicles, which will benefit the environment.”

The new fast charge points will be installed at the Civic Offices car park in Borehamwood, Salisbury Close car park in Potters Bar and St Peters, High Road car park in Bushey.

The Executive approved a one-off cost of £13,325 to purchase and install the charging points.

An initial charge of £1.50 per hour will be set for the charging points, which covers the cost and maintenance of the charging points, electricity and parking charge.

Steve adds: “We will monitor the usage and suitability of these sites, with a view to extend electric car charging points to other car parks across the borough in the future.”

Posted on Thursday 20th April 2017

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