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Council plays key role in response to Omicron

Last Modified December 21, 2021

We are continuing to play a key role as agencies, volunteers and local communities respond to the latest Omicron wave.

And our leader, Cllr Morris Bright MBE, has urged residents across the borough to respond to the nationwide call for eligible people to 'get boosted now'. He commented: "The majority of Hertsmere residents have been double vaccinated and many have now had flu jabs and a COVID booster too. I would urge those who have not yet responded to the offer of a booster to do so in order that they can protect themselves and others.

"Even with the arrival of this worrying new variant there is much to be hopeful for. As always, I am proud of the excellent response from our local communities, coming forward to play their part in a national effort. We know this is an extraordinarily difficult time for our many businesses and residents, but we are taking all the right steps to keep ourselves, each other, and our NHS safe. To take your support one step further, please consider signing up to volunteer if you’re able.

“I cannot thank our staff enough who are supporting this monumental effort as well as continuing to deliver our key services.”

Designated Covid marshals are out in the community, visiting businesses to give advice and distributing signage and lateral flow test kits, whilst Covid engagement officers are also working closely with health partners, local pharmacies and volunteers to support the vaccination and booster effort. They work to identify areas of low vaccination uptake and provide targeted support, optimise vaccination opportunities locally and ensure the community is aware of how to get theirs.

Thousands more bookable vaccination slots are being added in our area, adding to the 10,000 vaccinations a day which were already being offered. For the most up to date information regarding local vaccinations, please refer to https://covid.healthierfuture.org.uk.
To support this accelerated booster plan, the NHS is calling for more vaccinators, staff with administrative skills and volunteers to come forward to offer their services across Hertfordshire and West Essex. If you are a registered health care professional who has clinical vaccination experience please email hct.recruitment@nhs.net, or are someone that’s interested in volunteering as a steward, front of house welcomer or providing administrative support at a vaccination site, please visit www.communities1st.org.uk/covidsteward or email volunteer@communities1st.org.uk.

Communities 1st, home of the local volunteer centres, are running a scheme known as the Compassionate Community Programme which involves helping people with activities such as shopping, dog walking, or even just engaging in friendly chats over the phone. To register for help, please call 020 8207 5115 or email help@communities1st.org.uk, or to volunteer to assist with the programme, please call 020 3940 4865 or email volunteer@communities1st.org.uk

Hertfordshire’s Community Reassurance Cell, on behalf of the Local Resilience Forum, has launched a new survey to better understand the needs, challenges and aspirations of Hertfordshire residents and community groups. The online survey asks the public and those providing community services a series of questions to collect views about the impact of coronavirus on their lives, what support is needed and how that has changed since the start of the pandemic. The survey results will be used to shape the county’s ongoing recovery plans, ensuring support is targeted where it is needed most. The short survey can be found online here and is open until Friday, 21 January 2022.

Posted on Tuesday 21st December 2021

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