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Your Christmas all wrapped up

Last Modified December 17, 2019

So much more rubbish is produced at Christmas time so please remember to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover as much as you can, to do your bit for the environment.  

Hook ons with the revised collections over the festive season will be placed on bins from this week (16 December).

Councillor Seamus Quilty, Environment Portfolio Holder, explained: "Many people recycle their waste through the year, which is great but we need to make an extra effort at Christmas when around 30% more waste accumulates in people’s homes.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for people to recycle all those extras, from packaging and unwanted food to Christmas cards and trees. So before, during and after the festive season, please spare a thought and a little time to improving your environment.

"You can follow our Christmas waste tips on our social media channels."

Changes to collections

Brown bin and green   bin (week 2)

Normal collection

Revised collection

Monday 23 December

No change

Tuesday 24 December

No change

Wednesday 25 December

Friday 27 December

Thursday 26 December

Friday 27 or Saturday 28   December*

Friday 27 December

Saturday 28 December


Black bin and blue   box (week 2)

Normal collection

Revised collection

Monday 30 December

No change

Tuesday 31 December

No change

Wednesday 1 January

Thursday 2 January

Thursday 2 January

Friday 3 January

Friday 3 January

Saturday 4 January

Normal collections will resume on Monday 6 January 2020.

Everyone should receive a bin hook-on with their black bin this week with the details of Christmas collections.   

The waste and recycling collection calendar (January-June 2020) is printed within the winter issue of Hertsmere News which is out now.  

Extra waste and recycling 
If you have any extra waste and recycling that doesn't fit in your bins/boxes you can take it to a Household Waste Recycling Centre. We will not take any excess waste left next to bins.

For more information on HWRCs please visit www.wasteaware.org.uk or call 0300 1234 051. 

Christmas trees 
If it has a root, you can replant your Christmas tree in your garden or alternatively chop it up and put it in your green bin or take it to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Wrapping paper 
We recommend people use brown packing style paper to wrap Christmas gifts, as this can be recycled in your brown bin. Unfortunately, other wrapping paper is not good enough quality to recycle or has foil pieces or plastic in it, therefore need to be put in your black bin.

Christmas cards 
Plain greetings cards (no foil or glitter) can go in your brown bin or alternatively turn them into gift tags for next year. All other Christmas cards need to go in your black bin.

Other Christmas items 
Visit our Christmas waste pages  to find out where to put other festive items. Many things can be reused, either as storage, decoration or by taking to a charity shop but if you do need to dispose of them then please use the correct bin.

For more information on having an eco-friendly Christmas and an A to Z of what to do with Christmas waste, please visit our Christmas waste pages

Posted on Tuesday 17th December 2019

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