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Budget moves forward for final agreement

Last Modified February 08, 2018
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Hertsmere Borough Council's revenue budget and financial strategy for 2018/19 is being put forward for final agreement by full council, having been reviewed and agreed by Executive last night (7 February). 

To fund the budget, which has been the subject of public and member consultation, a small increase in Hertsmere Borough Council's share of council tax bills has been proposed.  This would be an average increase of £5 per household for the coming year, the same rise as last year.  

A resident in a Band D property will pay an average of just over £172 in council tax to the borough council for the year 2018/19 - just 47 pence per day. That money is used to fund services including waste and recycling, planning, housing, parks and open spaces, street cleaning and environmental health and contributions towards Police Community Support Officers and the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Councillor John Graham, Portfolio Holder for Finance, Property and Economic Development, added: “We are recommending a small council tax increase in the budget and financial strategy, which is essential to enable us to continue to deliver key frontline services for Hertsmere’s residents.  At a time when money from central government is declining, we are looking to provide both a continuing and growing range of services.  We have worked on similar assumptions to last year and suggested a £5 increase.   A final decision will be taken at full council at the end of this month."

The council is seeing an on-going reduction in government grants, especially next year (2018/19) when they are reduced by £432,000.  It is estimated that this potential increase in council tax will bring addition revenue of around £290,000.  The remainder of the gap will be met by efficiencies. 

As a billing authority, Hertsmere Borough Council collects the council tax every year, but the money residents pay does not all go to the borough council. On average, Hertsmere gets just 10%, or 10p in every £1 you pay, Hertfordshire County Council gets 78%, Hertfordshire's Police and Crime Commissioner gets 10% and if you live in an area with a parish or town council (Aldenham Parish Council, Elstree and Borehamwood Town Council, Shenley Parish Council and South Mimms Parish Council), they get 2%.

Posted on Thursday 8th February 2018

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