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Helping Radlett become even greener

Last Modified March 06, 2018

Two organisations in Radlett and Letchmore Heath are celebrating after being awarded funding for schemes by local councillors.

A bid to introduce recycling bins in Phillimore Recreation Ground and play area has received a welcome boost from Hertsmere Borough Councillor David Lambert. Cllr Lambert has given £200 from our Ward Improvement Initiative Scheme (WIIS) to Aldenham Parish Council to help pay for the new bins. The aim is to encourage visitors to the park to dispose of their waste in a greener way.

Cllr Lambert, alongside Cllr Caroline Clapper, has also given £250 of WIIS funding to the Aldenham War Memorial Hall. The 100-year-old hall needs a £1200 electrical upgrade.Through WIIS, each of the borough’s 39 councillors receive £500 to spend on local projects throughout the year.

Cllr Lambert said: “Both these projects are very deserving. The hall and the recreation ground are focal points for the local community and so it’s vital that they are well-maintained.

“On the back of recent press coverage, people are more aware than ever of the necessity of recycling their packaging, especially minimising their plastic use. The new bins will give them more opportunity to do this.

“As a nominated representative for the parish council on the memorial hall management committee, I know how tirelessly the volunteers work to keep the hall operating.

“Such a historic building requires continual care and attention, and this latest refurbishment is just one in a series undertaken by the committee to help safeguard it for future generations.”

To find out more about WIIS and to apply for funding go to www.hertsmere.gov.uk/wiis or contact your local councillor.

Posted on Monday 5th February 2018

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