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Have your final say on Radlett plan

Last Modified February 27, 2020

Radlett residents will be given a chance to say whether a plan, which could help shape the future of the town, should be formally adopted. 

Aldenham Parish Council’s (APC) Radlett Neighbourhood Plan is just one step away from being the first document of its kind to be adopted in the borough after Hertsmere Borough Councillors agreed yesterday (Wednesday 26 February) that the plan should proceed to a referendum. If more than half of votes cast during the referendum, which will take place on Thursday 7 May, the same day as the Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner elections, are in its favour then the document will be used to help make planning decisions for the area. If there are more votes against the plan, it will not be adopted.

The plan includes policies on housing choices; respecting and enhancing the townscape and landscape of the area; maintaining the vibrancy of the village centre and explores how developments in general can contribute to the vision for the area. If adopted, it will go on to guide landlords, developers, investors and our planning committee about the characteristics, unique challenges and opportunities in Radlett.  

Hertsmere Borough Councillor Dr Harvey Cohen, Portfolio Holder for Planning, said: “Following several rounds of public consultation and an independent examination, we felt the Radlett Neighbourhood Plan had come to a point whereby it could proceed to a referendum.

“If half of votes cast are in support of the plan, then it will be adopted and so will become part of the development plan for the area. That means we will have to take it into account when deciding all types of planning applications, including homes, schools, or community facilities.

“Whatever the outcome of May’s referendum, I would like to pay tribute to the hard work and dedication shown by Aldenham Parish Councillors and the dozens of volunteers from the local community who contributed to making this project happen.

“This plan, which was first mooted in 2013, has involved a wide range of bodies and individuals who have often given their time for free. The result is a tribute to the power of the community to come together.”

Aldenham Parish Councillor Estelle Samuelson, Chairman of the Radlett Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group said: "The steering group has worked tirelessly throughout these past years and after several rounds of consultation with the public, I believe the policies that have been drawn up will benefit Radlett enormously in the future.  

"The original aim of the plan was to allow the local community in Radlett to have more of a say about how their village should evolve in the years to come.  Most importantly trying to preserve the lovely rural area that attracted them to come and live here in the first place. 

"The plan belongs to the people of Radlett and I pay tribute to their patience in helping to get it to this stage of the proceedings. It is now hoped that the required 50 per cent of voters will agree with the plan in order for it to be adopted.

"Lastly I must thank all the steering group members, as well as the parish council manager, for their professionalism and support throughout this lengthy process. Hopefully, their commitment to this cause will prove to have been worthwhile for many years to come."

A report published by Nigel McGurk, an independent examiner appointed by us, recommended changes were made to the plan. All the modifications were agreed by us as the statutory body responsible for publishing the plan.

As part of his examination, Mr McGurk held a public hearing in October at the Radlett Centre. Representations were heard from APC and us.

To view the plan visit here. Paper copies of the plan are also available from the Civic Offices in Borehamwood, Aldenham Parish Council offices and Radlett library.

Voting for the referendum will be open from 7am until 10pm on Thursday 7 May at all polling stations in the Radlett Neighbourhood Area. To vote, residents must be registered. The deadline for applying to register is Tuesday 21 April. You can register online by visiting here.  

If more than 50 per cent of the votes are in favour of the neighbourhood plan then we will formally make the plan later this year.

Posted on Thursday 27th February 2020

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