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Make renting your property stress-free

Last Modified February 19, 2021
Anyone looking to rent out their property will receive financial incentives on top of peace of mind and expert support through Let with Hertsmere.

Despite the challenges of the current pandemic, there has been strong interest from landlords in the private sector scheme run by our experienced team of letting professionals. However, the team are always on the look out for more properties.

Let with Hertsmere offers one of two services to landlords:

  • Cash incentive scheme; under this scheme, landlords and letting agents will receive a one-off cash payment when they chose to let a property through Let with Hertsmere. The amount will be determined by the size of the property and the length of the tenancy offered.
  • Rent incentive scheme; under this scheme, landlords will get two months’ deposit, in the form of a bond certificate, along with the first month’s rent in advance. For those providing the tenant with a two-year tenancy, landlords insurance will be covered up to a maximum of £500 per year.

Landlords under both schemes will also benefit from fast-tracked Housing Benefit claims, a video check-in inventory, pre-tenancy training for prospective tenants, support from a dedicated private sector procurement and liaison officer and access to a heavily-discounted handyperson scheme.

Feedback from existing landlords on the schemes has been extremely positive.

Charles Kelly said: “Barry and the team at Let With Hertsmere are very helpful. They find suitable tenants, reference them, prepare all of the paperwork for the AST and deposit bond, which means I don’t have to hold deposits or pay agents fees. I would definitely recommend this service to other landlords.”

Ari Aresti said: “As a landlord, I can honestly say the team has always done their best to accommodate, both the landlord as well as the tenant.

“Based on my experience I would be more than happy to recommend the scheme to any landlord.”

In addition, tenants have been full of praise for the team.

One tenant, who prefers to be anonymous, said: “The Let with Hertsmere team do a fantastic job helping individuals to be placed in homes. I personally would like to thank you for helping my son and I find a lovely home that we feel safe in.”

To find out more go here, call 020 8207 7555 or email letwithhertsmere@hertsmere.gov.uk


Posted on Friday 19th February 2021

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