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Borehamwood Beryl bikes have cycled the distance of the country already!

Last Modified February 27, 2023

Join hundreds of Beryl bikers who have taken to the roads in Borehamwood since the launch of the scheme in October 2022.

So far, 400 people have hopped on to one of our 45 brand-new bikes and 25 e-bikes available to hire from 24 Beryl bays situated at convenient locations across the town.

Between them, our riders have made over 2,500 journeys on Beryl bikes, covering almost 5,500 km, which means they've already cycled to Edinburgh and back four times!

Cllr Seamus Quilty, Portfolio Holder for Environment, said: “I am delighted so many people have already taken to a Beryl bike in Borehamwood. It makes me genuinely smile to see them being used across the town.

"Our cycle scheme is a fun, sustainable and healthy way for our residents and visitors to get around Borehamwood, without having to rely on petrol or diesel-powered vehicles. We worked hard to ensure we installed Beryl bays at key locations across the town, which allows users to make quick, easy trips across the town and surrounding areas – perfect for work, leisure or running errands.

“The cycle hire scheme is just one part of our sustainability aims and our commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions no later than 2050. It will help us to make positive impacts not only on our environment, by reducing car traffic and air pollution, but also on the health and wellbeing of our local communities, by providing a healthy alternative to jumping in the car, especially at a time when fuel is so expensive.

“It’s simple and cheap to hire a bike, so why not download the app and give it a try.”

The location of the Beryl bays mean that 28,089 people are no more than a five-minute walk from a bay, which represents 87.5% of the service area's population.

Users can pay for their journeys in a variety of ways to suit individual needs and circumstances.

  • Pay As You Ride is best for single journeys or occasional rides and will cost users £1 unlocking fee and 5p per minute on pedal bikes or £1.50 unlocking fee and 10p per minute on e-bikes
  • Minute Bundles enable regular users to buy upfront and save money, starting at 100 minutes for £5
  • Day Passes are suitable for people on long days out and offer people unlimited riding over a 24-hour-period for £12 for pedal bikes only or £16 to include e-bikes

The bikes and e-bikes are available to hire via the Beryl app. The Beryl app is available for free download on the App Store for iOS, and the Google Play Store for Android users.

The project was funded by Strategic Community Infrastructure Levy, Section 106 contribution from SKY Studios and Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy from Elstree and Borehamwood Town Council.

To find out more about the scheme or your nearest Beryl Bay, please visit: beryl.cc/scheme/hertsmere

Posted on Monday 27th February 2023

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