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Borehamwood Cowley Hill by-election results announced

Last Modified January 04, 2018
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Electors in Borehamwood have had their say and the results from the Cowley Hill by-election have been announced.


 The turnout for the election, which was triggered by the disqualification of former Councillor David Burcombe, was 19.2 per cent. The results are as follows:



Rebecca Zoe Butler - Labour Party candidate - 709 votes

 David Hoy - UK Independence Party (UKIP) - 57 votes

 Sean Moore - The Conservative Party candidate - 381 votes

 Paul Robinson - Liberal Democrat - 20 votes

 Nicholas Winston - The Green Party - 18 votes

 Rebecca Butler has been duly elected as borough councillor for the Borehamwood Cowley Hill ward.

The results were announced by Returning Officer, Hertsmere Borough Council's Chief Executive Donald Graham, at the count in the Civic Offices, Elstree Way, Borehamwood this evening (4 January).

Posted on Thursday 4th January 2018

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