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Have a cuppa and help #EndLoneliness

Last Modified January 08, 2020

A scheme to combat loneliness by bringing people together in an informal setting for a free cuppa and a chat is coming to Hertsmere this month.

Anyone who would like to meet someone new while enjoying a tea or coffee can drop into the borough’s first Chatter Table at the Wyllyotts Theatre in Potters Bar on Wednesday 29 January. The initiative, which we has been organised in conjunction with InspireAll and the three Potters Bar Patient Participation Groups, is being launched to help overcome social isolation by encouraging people to come together.

Loneliness has been the focus of a number of national and regional campaigns, including Reach Out, run by Team Herts Volunteering. Research has shown there is a link between loneliness and increased risk of dementia, heart disease and depression. Just getting out and having a friendly chat can make a big difference.

Chatter Table

Councillor Caroline Clapper, Portfolio Holder for Leisure, Health and Culture said: “January can be a hard month for a lot of people, with the poor weather and short days.

“If you’re feeling lonely, the time of year can make it even more difficult to overcome a sense of isolation and not being connected to others.

“The Chatter Table is a little ray of light intended to help bring people together for an hour or so. Everyone is welcome, no matter what your circumstances.

“Whether you are an older person who fancies getting out of the house, a new parent in need of some conversation or a person who is new to the area and keen to meet others, we would love to see you there.”

Chatter Table will also be running on Wednesday 12 February, Wednesday 11 March and Wednesday 22 April.

Anyone who drops by to the Chatter Table might also want to stay for the Wyllyotts Theatre’s 1pm cinema screening.

Showing on Wednesday 29 January is Harriet (12A), a thrilling biopic about American abolitionist Harriet Tubman, who escaped the plantation where she had been a slave and joined the anti-slavery movement in Philadelphia.

To find out more about Chatter Table contact our Community Engagement and Performance Officer Pam Cousins on pam.cousins@hertsmere.gov.uk or call 020 8207 7801.

For more information about upcoming cinema screenings call Wyllyotts Box Office on 01707 645005 or email wyllyotts.reception@inspireall.com

Posted on Tuesday 7th January 2020

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