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Postal vote refresh

Last Modified January 11, 2023

We're required by law to write to all postal voters who have had their postal votes for more than five years, in order to make sure they hold the most up to date signature on their records.

Our Elections Team is currently conducting the 2023 Annual Postal Vote Refresh, where existing postal voters who applied for a postal vote between 31 January 2017 and 30 January 2018 are asked to update their details in order to carry on voting by post.

This is because when you complete a postal vote, you are required to provide a date of birth and signature on a postal vote statement. These are compared against the date of birth and signature provided on your original application form. If they match, then your postal vote will be accepted, and your ballot paper included in the count, if they do not match, then your postal vote will be rejected.

Sam Langford, Electoral Services Manager, said: “We have written to approximately 1,900 voters as part of this process.

“The initial forms should be with people now and if we receive no response, we’ll send a reminder early-February and if there is still no response, the postal vote will be cancelled. We will write to those people affected to let them know which polling station they should attend in the future, as well as a new postal vote application form should they wish to reapply.”

Anyone who has not had their postal vote for five years, or have already resupplied their signature - either during a previous refresh exercise or by independently completing another application to vote by post - will not be included in this years’ refresh exercise.

Residents who have applied for a waiver, meaning they do not need to provide a signature when completing their postal vote, are automatically excluded from this exercise.

Any resident no longer able to sign, or to provide a consistent signature, can apply for a waiver, meaning they will only need to provide a date of birth on future postal vote statements.

To apply for a waiver, cancel a postal vote or to change any details, for example where the postal vote is sent, contact our elections team by returning the form to the council or by emailing elections@hertsmere.gov.uk with more details.

Sam added: “If you do not return the form to the council, then your postal vote will be cancelled, and you will no longer be able to vote by post. If, after your postal vote has been cancelled you wish to vote by post in future, you will need to make a fresh application. The deadline to apply for a postal vote is 5pm on Tuesday 18 April, 11 working days prior to an election.”

For more information visit our ways to vote page.

Posted on Tuesday 10th January 2023

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