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Blueprint for reaching out on borough's future

Last Modified July 31, 2017

The way Hertsmere residents will be consulted about their views on the future of the borough and a wide range of other planning decisions is up for consideration.

Details on how we plan to involve members of the public in the preparation and production of the borough’s new Local Plan are set out in an updated version of its Statement of Community Involvement (SCI). The Local Plan is an important document which will help determine the location and type of new homes, schools, employment areas and community facilities built locally over the next two decades. Among the ways we plan to engage the community are through public exhibitions, community forums, stakeholder meetings, and through door-to-door distribution of leaflets.

The SCI also explains how we plan to involve the community when we receive planning applications. As well as writing to neighouring properties, social media is increasingly used to publicise new applications to ensure as many people as possible are aware of development proposals in their area. The SCI document is open for public consultation until Wednesday 6 September.

Dr Harvey Cohen, Portfolio Holder for Planning and Localism, said: “We had a great response when we launched the review of the Local Plan last year, and now we’re about to take an first important step  – the publication of the Issues and Options document. This will set out some potential options on how the borough could develop over the next 15 years.

“Before we publish this document, we want to be absolutely clear we’ve considered all the ways people can get in touch and make their views heard. As well as using traditional media such as newspapers and magazines, we’re increasingly looking at social media to reach our residents, and we’ll be making sure there are lots of opportunities for people to speak to our officers and members at public events and forums around the borough.

"This consultation is also an opportunity to give your views on the way we ask for comments on individual planning applications. We already exceed the statutory requirements and I hope our updated Statement of Community Involvement shows our commitment to continue this approach."

Posted on Monday 31st July 2017

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