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Protecting residents' health from air pollution on Clean Air Day

Last Modified June 17, 2021

We're supporting Clean Air Day by launching a new anti-idling campaign in our car parks.

Clean Air Day takes place on 17 June with partners from across the country taking action to inspire people to take simple steps to protect their health and their families’ health from air pollution.

In line with this year’s theme ‘protect our children’s health from air pollution’, we will be erecting signs in our car parks asking drivers to turn off their vehicles when not driving to demonstrate our support for action on air pollution and promote a clean air future for our children.

Councillor Jean Heywood, Portfolio Holder for Parking, said: “As our lives start to return to normal after lockdown and the pandemic, we must take this opportunity to create a healthy environment for our children and all our communities.  

"The quality of the air we breathe is important for our health and wellbeing. Pollution from traffic and industry is not always visible but adds to poor air quality. We need to look at ways of reducing pollution to make the air we breathe cleaner.

“Everybody can have a positive impact on air quality and Hertsmere Borough Council would like to inspire our residents to understand what they can do to reduce air pollution and limit its impact on their health and that of others.

“Air pollution affects your health from your first breath to your last. Air pollution is solvable and there are simple steps we can all take to help our family avoid toxic air and cut down on the pollution we emit – it's good for us and good for the planet too.”

Keeping your engine running while stuck in traffic or waiting to collect someone contributes to an increase in air pollutant levels. We’re installing signage across our car parks encouraging motorists to switch off their engine when idle.

Drivers can make some simple changes to improve air quality:

  • Switch off their engine when waiting or stuck in a jam
  • Switch to cycling or walking for local trips
  • Switch to a bus or train when you can for longer journeys

To find out more about climate change and Hertsmere Borough Council visit: www.hertsmere.gov.uk/climatechange or to learn about air quality in Hertsmere visit: www.hertsmere.gov.uk/airquality.

To find out more about Clean Air Day visit: www.cleanairday.org.uk

Posted on Thursday 17th June 2021

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