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Changes to some car parking fees and permits in Hertsmere will be coming into effect from April

Last Modified April 01, 2022

Changes to some car parking fees and permits in Hertsmere came into effect from the start of April.  We continue to face increased costs in addition to reductions in central government funding, resulting in tough financial decisions.

In making those decisions, we are mindful of the economic pressures that many of the borough’s residents and business owners are experiencing. That is why, despite general cost increases and inflationary pressures we have resisted an across the board inflation increase to car parking fees and charges. The vast majority will see no increase from 2021/2 prices.

There are some minor changes to make sure the fees and charges are equitable and contribute to our overall parking policy.

 Our parking consultation page has details of the notices of variation. 

Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs)

CPZs allow the council to prioritise resident parking over commuter or other parking. No change has been made to the cost of a resident’s first parking permit. Some minor increases in second or further permits for households have been agreed, so that those households that have a greater impact on residential parking make a slightly larger contribution to the cost of the scheme.

Inflationary increases have been made for other permits such as business or commuter parking.


On-street car parking

This is typically available for short-term parking. Most on-street parking is short stay in town and district centres to encourage shoppers and promote a good turnover of visitors.

To encourage longer stay parking in our off-street car parks, the fees for on street parking above two hours have increased.


Off-street car parks

Off street car parking charges have not changed. However, Kemp Place and Bushey Country Club car parks have been reduced to one hours free parking.


Find out more about fees and charges for parking. 


Posted on Tuesday 22nd March 2022

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