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A statement on the 20th anniversary of the Potters Bar rail crash

Last Modified May 10, 2022

A statement from the Deputy Mayor of Hertsmere and our Managing Director to mark the 20th anniversary of the Potters Bar rail crash.

Deputy Mayor of Hertsmere, Councillor John Graham said: “Today marks 20 years since the Potters Bar rail crash in which seven people were killed and many others injured.

“Then, as now, I was a councillor in Hertsmere and remember the day clearly.

“The incident left a profound and indelible mark on our community. We will never forget those who lost their lives or those left behind to grieve and forced to rebuild their worlds after it.

“Our thanks go to the emergency services, whose indefatigable efforts on the day helped ensure more lives were not lost.

“This incident had serious repercussions for local people, the rail industry, and other national institutions, but it also demonstrated the strength of the community spirit, which characterises Potters Bar and the whole of our borough. A spirit which lives on to this day.”

Sajida Bijle, our Managing Director, said: “I feel honoured and grateful to be among those asked to represent Hertsmere at today’s memorial ceremony.

“Some of our councillors who represent our borough today and some of our staff members were among those present at the scene 20 years ago and helped to deal with the immediate aftermath and rebuilding efforts.

“I had just joined Hertsmere Borough Council in a more junior role and I think I can speak for everyone by saying it is a day we will never forget. 

“As events unfolded and the full extent of the tragedy became clear, we realised our community would never be the same again.

“We have all worked hard to heal the wounds inflicted by the crash and learn the lessons from it, and we are a stronger borough and local authority as a result. Thank you to all those who gathered to pay their respects today.”

Posted on Tuesday 10th May 2022

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