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Changes to Cabinet announced

Last Modified May 16, 2024

A number of changes to our Cabinet and Committee chairs were announced at yesterday's Annual Council meeting (Wednesday 15 May).

Our political leadership comprises both Labour and Liberal Democrat members who have pledged to deliver ‘serious, stable and transformational leadership’. 

Cllr Jeremy Newmark, Leader of the Council, is responsible for appointments to the Cabinet and the allocation of portfolio responsibilities.

Cllr Newmark commented: “We are an ambitious council committed to delivering great services and improvements for the people of Hertsmere. It is important to regularly review the roles of the councillors overseeing the services we provide to our residents, to continue to improve, adapt and bring fresh experience.

“I have made a number of changes to our Cabinet group and committee chairs to help shape our developing policies and key themes for the future. This includes the addition of 'digital transformation' to the Resources and IT portfolio, to recognise a commitment to digital innovation in the service delivery and pioneering future developments, most notably AI."

The council’s Cabinet and the areas they are responsible for are as follows:

  • Leader of the Council, Consultation, Communications and Asset Management: Cllr Jeremy Newmark
  • Deputy Leader of the Council, Environmental Sustainability and Net Zero and Public Health: Cllr Paul Richards
  • Communities, Neighbourhoods, Enforcement, Economic Development and Transformation: Cllr Christian Gray
  • Planning Infrastructure and Transport: Cllr Nik Oakley
  • Housing and Housing Development: Cllr Alan Matthews
  • Street Scene, Parks, Leisure and Culture: Cllr Chris Myers takes over from Cllr Parveen Rani
  • Finance and Budget: Cllr Chris Shenton
  • Resources, IT and Digital Transformation: Cllr Rebecca Challice takes over from Cllr Linda Smith

The changes, along with some amendments to committee chairships, were agreed at the Annual Council meeting, and take immediate effect.

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Posted on Thursday 16th May 2024

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