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Councils launch new website on South West Herts Plan

Last Modified November 11, 2021

A new website has been launched to support the long term aspirations for South West Hertfordshire and views are being sought on the most important issues for those who live and work in the area.

Working with Hertfordshire County Council and the four other councils which comprise South West Hertfordshire - Dacorum Borough Council, St Albans City & District Council, Three Rivers District Council, Watford Borough Council - we are planning for the future of the area. The emerging South West Herts Joint Strategic Plan (SW Herts JSP) will look at the future of SW Herts to 2050 addressing strategic issues, including infrastructure, which cross council boundaries. The JSP will need to take account of Hertsmere’s draft Local Plan and the others being developed by the individual councils for their areas.

By working together through the SW Herts JSP, the councils will be in a stronger position to deliver, and better fund, the homes, essential local transport links, health services, educational facilities and employment that local people want to see.

The website has been set up to help people find out about the SW Herts JSP, and get involved in the process. It provides background information to the JSP, including details about what will be involved in its preparation and an opportunity for people to get involved with developing a long term vision for SW Herts.

The vision will comprise key issues which need to be addressed. It will build on the more than 14,900 comments submitted as part of the ‘SW Herts – Your Future’ engagement that took place in early 2020.

Hertsmere Borough Councillor Dr Harvey Cohen, Portfolio Holder for Planning, said: “We’re conscious that this period of engagement for the Joint Strategic Plan coincides with the current public engagement we’re conducting for our own Local Plan.

“However these are two separate pieces of work that cover different areas and different time periods. Our own plan looks at how the borough could grow over the next 15 years. The Joint Strategic Plan looks at the future of the whole of South West Hertfordshire, across five local authorities, beyond our own plan period until 2050.

“It’s an exciting time to be living, working and studying in Hertsmere and the wider area. By planning ahead and across local authority boundaries, we can better overcome the challenges and make the most of the opportunities growth brings.

“I’d encourage as many residents, businesses and other stakeholders to take the time to visit the SW Herts JSP website and give their views on the key issues and priorities for the area so they can be part of this important piece of work.”

Cllr Chris White, Leader of St Albans City and District Council, who chairs the SW Herts councillor group comprised of representatives from all of the councils in the area said:

“The councils in South West Hertfordshire are working together to set out our vision for the future in what will be a new Joint Strategic Plan for the whole of this part of Hertfordshire. This new website provides lots of information about the work we are doing and how local people can get involved.”

A series of videos from leaders across the academic, industry and voluntary sectors and a questionnaire asking what type of future might be possible in SW Herts is available to view here. This initial opportunity to help shape the vision runs until Tuesday 14 December.

There will be a further opportunity to influence the vision for SW Herts Joint Strategic Plan when it is formally issued for comment in 2022.

Posted on Wednesday 3rd November 2021

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