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Tenders invited for new cycle scheme

Last Modified November 22, 2021

Our plans to create a new cycle scheme in Borehamwood is moving forward as the council invites companies to tender for the contract.

The council declared a climate emergency in September 2019 with a commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions no later than 2050.

A rent and ride or public hire scheme has been identified as one action that can encourage cycling to help promote active and sustainable travel, reduce transport related carbon emissions, improve air quality in Borehamwood, develop connectivity and the health and well-being of residents. The council is looking for experienced companies to work with them to achieve this aim.

Recent research shows that car travel accounts for over 70% of all journeys made and just 1.9% of trips under three miles are made by cycling. The cycle hire scheme aims to change this trend in favour of active and sustainable transport.

Councillor Seamus Quilty, Portfolio Holder for Environment, said: “I am delighted that we are moving forward with the plans for the cycle hire scheme, which will help us to achieve our ambitious plans for a more sustainable Hertsmere. 

“A cycle hire scheme will have positive impacts not only on our environment, by reducing car traffic and air pollution, but also on the health and wellbeing of our local communities, by providing a healthy alternative to jumping in the car.”

Councillor Harvey Cohen, Portfolio Holder for Planning, said: “In addition to the health and environmental benefits, this cycle scheme opens up the opportunities for our local communities in Borehamwood.

“The aim is to support current public transport links to allow our residents to more easily move around the borough for work, education and leisure.”

In order to encourage residents and visitors to use bicycles as a mode of transportation, the cycle hire scheme is being pursued in Borehamwood and adjoining areas as a trial for four years and may be extended for a further two years as two separate twelve month extensions. Depending on the success of the scheme and availability of funding, it may be extended and/or expanded into other areas of the borough and adjoining areas.

The provider must have a successful track record of working with local authorities in the UK delivering cycle hire schemes. The tender has been published on: www.supplyhertfordshire.uk and closes on 10 December.

You can read the full executive report on our website or fund out about how the council is tackling climate change.

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Posted on Thursday 18th November 2021

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