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Paper is becoming easier to recycle

Last Modified September 13, 2017

It’s becoming even easier to recycle paper in Hertsmere!

Hertsmere Borough Council will now be accepting brown paper in the brown recycling bins, meaning you can recycle even more through your household recycling service.

Jenna Bates, Recycling Officer at Hertsmere Borough Council, said: “I am delighted to be announcing this change to our recycling provision, which I believe will make it easier for our residents and hopefully improve our recycling rates.

“Paper has been a source of confusion and one of the largest contaminants of bins in the borough. I think this change will make a positive difference for our residents. We will be reminding residents through our social media channels of the introduction of brown paper into the brown recycling bin; so please like and follow us.”

You can keep recycling all white paper, which includes newspapers, magazines, junk mail, leaflets, catalogues and directories in your blue box.

From Monday 18 September all clean (non-greasy) brown paper, which includes brown paper, brown envelopes and brown paper bags, can be placed in the brown bin. Our A to Z of recycling will include a full list of what types of paper to put in each bin, so keep an eye on this to make sure you’re recycling right!

Follow us on twitter @HertsmereBC and like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/hertsmere for recycling updates and reminders, or visit our A to Z of recycling page.

Posted on Wednesday 13th September 2017

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