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A statement on council's system outage

Last Modified September 29, 2022

A statement in response to the major system outage at Hertsmere Borough Council today (Thursday 29 September) and yesterday (Wednesday 28 September).

Peter Geraghty, Executive Director for Hertsmere Borough Council said: “On Wednesday 28 September at the start of the day, we experienced a major system failure of our online services, which also affected our phone systems.

“Early investigations confirmed that it was a result of a hardware fault and had affected our back-up system.

“A replacement part was identified and sourced as soon as possible, and our IT team worked late into the night to resolve the issue. An engineer is now on site and we expect operations to be restored shortly.

“The impact on our services has been regrettable and unavoidable and I can only apologise for the inconvenience caused to our customers, residents, staff, and partners.

“We have continued to provide updates and respond to enquiries where we can, including via our social media channels. Our Civic Offices also remain open for face-to-face enquiries. 

“We will be conducting a review of the situation and will work to ensure the risk of another outage of this scale happening again is minimised.

“Thank you to everyone for their patience and cooperation during this time. If you have an urgent enquiry please email customer.services@hertsmere.gov.uk and we will prioritise staff to check messages once the systems are back.”

Posted on Thursday 29th September 2022

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