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Professionals learn how to spot the signs of child abuse

Last Modified May 15, 2018

An aerial photo of the Train the Professionals event in the council chamber at the Civic Offices

Professionals from across Hertfordshire heard hard hitting messages about how they can help fight child sexual exploitation and cyber bullying, during a visit to Hertsmere Borough Council’s offices.

The Train the Professionals event, run by Fearless.org, a service aimed at 11-16-year-olds, featured speakers from a number of charities providing information to professionals, including police, teachers and carers, about how they can tackle child abuse.

Emma Walker, from Crimestoppers Volunteer Committee in Hertfordshire, introduced her charity and provided detail about its local committee, while Marilyn Hawes, from the charity Enough Abuse, spoke about Child Sexual Exploitation and Cyber Bullying, explaining the signs that a child may be being abused.

James Woodworth, from the Cambridge-based Thrive Programme, spoke about an empowering psychological course that enables people to learn how to control their phobias, fears and anxieties.

Councillor Pervez Choudhury, Portfolio Holder for Community Safety and Performance, said: “The event provided an invaluable opportunity for professionals to learn about how they can save children from abuse and the signs to look out for that a child may be in danger.

“Many of these professionals work with children and are therefore in a very good position to be able to spot these symptoms and to take action to ensure the situation does not escalate.

“By doing so, they could potentially help save lives and therefore this training is vitally important in the fight against abuse.”

For more information about Fearless, visit www.fearless.org, while to find out more about Enough Abuse, visit www.ea-uk.org.

To see a video of the event, click here

Posted on Tuesday 15th May 2018

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