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New Hertsmere employment sites come forward

Last Modified March 31, 2021

New potential sites for employment in Hertsmere have emerged following a renewed appeal issued in order to exhaustively map out options for the borough's economic development.

The 21 new sites have been submitted as part of a Call for Employment Sites launched by our planning team in February. They will be added to a long list of other potential employment locations around the borough submitted as part of a previous Call for Sites and previous consultations aimed at helping us work towards a new Local Plan for Hertsmere.

The new Local Plan will guide development and influence how the borough changes through the after-effects of the pandemic and over the next 15 years. Currently, planning officers and councillors are deciding which sites will form part of the new plan, due to be published later this year. Not all potential sites will be included in the plan. The next formal consultation will be conducted once the draft plan is published.

Ross Whear, Head of Planning and Economic Development, said: "We issued the latest Call for Employment Sites after officers became aware of several new potential employment sites in the borough.

"We wanted to find out more about these new sites and what they might mean for the borough. We're very grateful to everyone who has participated in this process.

"The next step will be to assess whether they meet the requirements for inclusion as an employment site and their suitability for development.

"Members of the public will have a chance to comment on any sites which are deemed suitable once the draft Local Plan is published."

As part of the latest Call for Employment Sites, landowners and other key stakeholders were invited to submit for consideration any sites they know of with potential for development for employment sites. To be eligible for consideration, sites had to have the potential to accommodate 500m2 of floorspace or 0.25ha available for development in the form of offices, industrial, storage, distribution and a number of other employment generating activities.

Three rounds of public consultation, including one on Potential Sites for Housing and Employment (PHSE), have already been conducted as part of the process towards creating a new Local Plan for the borough. More than 2,100 individuals responded to the last consultation held at the end of 2018.

We have published an overview of the responses from the latest Call for Employment Sites. It includes a map of all the new sites which have been promoted.


Posted on Wednesday 31st March 2021

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