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Keep moving says Popdance gran

Last Modified February 06, 2017

A great-grandmother from Borehamwood is proving it’s never too late to feel the rhythm and get moving.

Edna Jones has been showing how age is no barrier to getting fit and having fun. The 86-year-old is a regular attendee of Popdance classes at Maxwell Community Centre run through our award-winning programme We Move, She Moves. The hour-long class involves high-energy dance routines to pop favourites from Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift to Kylie Minogue and Wham.

The retired secretary has no difficulty negotiating the moves even though she has a false hip and pacemaker.  Now she is encouraging more women to try a new activity.

Edna said: “After dancing, you feel good and happy and healthy as well, so I recommend dancing to everybody.

“I’ve always loved dancing. I used to dance a lot as a child, then the war came and I stopped. I come to Popdancing because it’s exercise and dance routines, which I like.

"Keep moving that’s the important thing. If you move, you'll go on moving."

Councillor Brenda Batten, Portfolio Holder for Leisure, Culture and Health, said: “Edna is an example to us all. She proves that no matter your age, background or level of fitness, it is perfectly possible to keep active and have fun at the same time.

“It’s well recognised that by keeping active, you can make a real difference to your health and well-being, and in Edna’s case, there’s every chance she’ll be bopping into her 90s.”

Edna, who has five children, six grandchildren and a four-year-old great grandson, adds that her family are supportive of all her activities.

She said: “My children think I’m mad anyway. They just take it for granted that mum is going to do something like that. It would be nice if I can keep dancing until 90.”

We Move, She Moves is a programme created three years ago to help women and girls in the borough get active. Funding for the project has come from Sport England. All the activities have been developed in consultation with local people.

To watch a short film of Edna in action go here.


Posted on Monday 6th February 2017

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