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Cutting edge technology on show in Bushey

Last Modified February 13, 2020

The digital media pioneers of the future have been showcasing their latest projects in Bushey produced using technology bought with funding from local developers.

Youngsters from Bushey Heath Primary School have been demonstrating how their new digital media hub has helped transform their learning experience and might even inspire some to go on to become top ‘influencers.’ The youngsters were showcasing their work to Hertsmere Borough Councillor Dr Harvey Cohen, pictured below middle of back row, who was at the school to present a plaque commemorating the opening of the new hub.

The hub, which replaced the school’s former computer suite and includes a soundproofed studio and vlogging posts as well as separate podcast areas, has benefitted from an £8,000 grant from our Community Infrastructure Fund (CIF). CIF is a pool of funding we have collected from a levy on certain types of new development that can be used for improving local facilities and services.

Bushey Heath Digi Hub

Cllr Cohen, who is Portfolio Holder for Planning, said: “It has been incredibly eye-opening visiting the school’s new digital hub and I really feel honoured that staff and pupils took time out of their busy days to show me the kind of work they have been doing.

“As a council, we are always keen to support opportunities for our youngsters to learn and develop new skills and have positive learning experiences.

“When it comes to technology, children are often the teachers, rather than the adults. The hub is a safe, secure space where they can really explore their ideas, but also learn about the pitfalls of doing anything online.

“By helping to fund projects such as this, which brings cutting edge technology into the classroom, we’re not just trying to help prepare our children for their future careers – we’re trying to help prepare them for living in the digital world, with all its opportunities and challenges.”

Headteacher Penny Barefoot said: "The hub ensures the children are experiencing practical and creative use of technology. The children learn digital media skills in a safe environment and  are able to apply their skills across the curriculum.

"This is a community project involving local authority funding, local business support and high quality technical guidance from a variety of firms including Adobe, VictoriaGrech.Com , Think or Swim, and London design firm Edward McCoy’s.

"To ensure the facilities are fully utilised, the school employs a Digital Hub Apprentice."

It was announced at the beginning of last year that 16 organisations had been successful in bidding for funding. Two groups received larger amounts of money, totalling more than £600,000, including Elstree University and Technical College and Communities 1st (formerly Community Hertsmere).

Funding for a further 14 groups, including schools and sports clubs, was agreed by the council’s Executive committee, with the money set to help improve community buildings, outdoor spaces and sports facilities.

Other recipients include the Noah’s Ark Hospice, which was given £29,467 to facilitate the construction of its children hospice in High Barnet. The hospice, which supports children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions in the borough, opened earlier this year.

All the applicants had to fulfil specific funding criteria.

Posted on Friday 14th February 2020

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