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Councillor funds benefitting local schemes

Last Modified July 25, 2017
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A whole host of local projects have received a much-needed boost thanks to financial contributions from borough councillors.

Our Ward Improvement Initiative Scheme (WIIS) gives each of our 39 councillors £500 to spend on local projects throughout the year.

Councillor Morris Bright, Leader of the Council, said: "Our Ward Improvement Initiative Scheme is all about funding small projects in local areas to benefit active communities.

"The most recent group of schemes to receive support really shows the wide range of the programmes and activities that can benefit from this borough council funding. We've been delighted to see the success of those events already staged thanks to the funding, and wish everyone well with those that are yet to take place."

Mary Forsdyke Gardens and Warren Lake, Bushey:

Councillors Brenda Batten, Paul Morris and Seamus Quilty from Bushey Heath ward allocated a total of £300 to the Warren Estate Residents' Association which went towards a very successful event to celebrate the re-opening of Mary Forsdyke Gardens and Warren Lake in Bushey. 

Dr Raymond Coffer, Chair of the Warren Estate Residents' Association, commented: "More than 400 residents attended, including many children, so the event was a huge community success."

More good news for Bushey:

Councillors Lawrence Davis and Kashif Merchant from Bushey North ward allocated a total of £300 which went towards the cost of a stage for live performances at the North Bushey community fair on 15 July. 

Councillor Anne Swerling from Bushey Park ward and Councillor Brenda Batten from Bushey Heath ward allocated a total of £260 to the Bushey Museum Property Trust to enable them to buy a gazebo and accessories.  These items were used at the successful Canada Day at the start of July. 

Boosts for Borehamwood clubs, schools and events:

Councillor Richard Butler from Cowley Hill ward allocated £200 to Borehamwood's Shizentai judo club which went towards the hire of a hall at Hertswood School and towards medals for the competitors.  Councillor Butler also agreed to funding of £100 to Borehamwood's Theatre ClubKids which runs classes for children in the area.  The money went towards costumes for their production in mid-July. 

Councillors Victor Eni and Thomas Ash collectively allocated just over £183 towards the purchase of safe parking bollards for outside the school gates at Kenilworth Primary School to prevent parents and other road users  from parking in dangerous positions. 

Councillors Peter Knell, Cynthia Barker and Martin Worster from Potter Bar Furzefield ward combined with Councillors Morris Bright and Harvey Cohen from Elstree ward and Councillor Thomas Ash from Borehamwood Kenilworth ward to allocate a total of £450.  This has gone towards organising a football tournament for the Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) community being held at the Furzefield Centre on 29 July, organised by Herts Aid.  Herts Aid is an HIV and sexual health charity providing support, clinical and educational services across Hertfordshire and the focus of the event will be on exercise, health and wellbeing and information sharing.  For more information visit www.hertsaid.co.uk

Aldenham schemes also benefit:

Councillor David Lambert from Aldenham West ward and Councillor John Graham from Aldenham East ward have provided a total of £500 to enable a 'Making a Difference' community engagement event to be staged in Radlett in November this year.  To be organised by Aldenham Parish Council with support from Hertsmere Borough Council, the event will be interactive and give everyone the opportunity to have their say about what they like and dislike about the local area, giving the parish council the chance to engage with the residents it serves. 

Councillor Charles Goldstein from Aldenham East ward and Councillor Caroline Clapper from Aldenham West ward provided a total of £500 to Aldenham Parish Council to help them run free summertime activities in Radlett for children up to the age of 12.  A range of sports and fun activities will be held every Tuesday morning throughout August at Phillimore Recreation Ground in Radlett. 

Councillor John Graham from Aldenham East ward allocated £250 to the Radlett Archives Group towards the rent of a space for a new museum in Radlett.  It will provide a facility for people to learn and take part in local history work. 

More information about WIIS funding:

If you want to apply to Hertsmere’s WIIS please contact your local borough councillor or call 020 8207 7801 – for more information visit www.hertsmere.gov.uk/WIIS

Posted on Tuesday 25th July 2017

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