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Shenley by election

Last Modified July 23, 2020
A second vacancy has arisen at Shenley Parish Council after Jonathan Bonn stepped down as a parish councillor.

A written request from ten electors in the parish must be received by Hertsmere Borough Council by Tuesday 11 August to trigger a by-election.

Even though a by election has been called to fill the vacancy left by Nigel Heller, it is necessary for residents to resubmit signatures for this new vacancy if they want it filled by election. If no request is received then the vacancy will be filled by co-option.

The full election notice is available to view on the borough council’s website www.hertsmere.gov.uk/electionnotices.

Details of all Shenley Parish Councillors and how to contact them are available at: https://shenleyvillage.org/parish-council/
Posted on Thursday 23rd July 2020

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