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Still 'working with you, for you'

Last Modified March 31, 2020
Our essential services continue to operate following a ‘monumental effort’ by staff and managers over the past few weeks in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Services are being reviewed on a daily basis as work continues to keep those essential services running.  A priority has been to stay connected with our staff, the majority of whom are now working from home, and to keep the borough’s residents informed and updated. 

Communities across Hertsmere have also responded to the call for volunteers to help those most in need at this time. 

Leader of the Council, Cllr Morris Bright MBE, said: “We see from the country at large that this terribly difficult time is bringing people and communities together. 

“Yet we’ve not needed to look further than Hertsmere, and the response from both our residents and staff, to see the monumental effort being made to keep services running and support those most adversely affected by this outbreak, either through isolation or financial pressures. 

“We have a tremendous workforce at the council.  Through their efforts, they’re ensuring Hertsmere can run as near to normally as possible, becoming one less thing for residents to be concerned about at this time.  They have full cross-party support from all 39 borough councillors across Hertsmere who are also doing all they can to help residents in their respective wards.”

Our Managing Director, Sajida Bijle, added: “Our staff and managers have worked tirelessly over recent weeks to get the right systems in place to enable a large majority of our staff to work from home where it’s possible for them to do so. 

“Some of our staff carry out essential services which require them to continue to still attend their workplace.  We’re doing our utmost to ensure principles of social distancing are adhered to and that their health and wellbeing is protected. 

“Our Customer Services team, despite being displaced from Civic Offices and our two area offices in Bushey and Potters Bar and now largely working from home, answered 2796 calls from customers last week, compared with 562 calls during the same week last year.

“I’m so proud of everyone, but the efforts will continue in the coming weeks and we’ll need to keep ensuring we are prepared for any issues with staff resilience and adjust our services as and when required.  We are all committed to continuing to doing our very best for the residents of Hertsmere.” 

Following calls for volunteers, a total of 1700 people across Hertsmere; East Herts; St Albans; Watford; Three Rivers and Dacorum district and borough council areas have signed up. 

Services changes, access to advice, and information about financial support measures and how to get involved in volunteering are available via our main coronavirus page  Updates to that page are being made on a regular basis.  

Posts are regularly being added to the council’s social media feeds about service updates; hygiene messages; scam alerts; accessing support; community safety and a host of other topics. 

Staying in touch with us:

Customer Services – telephone 020 8207 2277 or email the Customer Services team
You can report many issues to us online – www.hertsmere.gov.uk/reportit
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Posted on Tuesday 31st March 2020

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