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Option to increase capacity at Civic Offices car park being explored

Last Modified May 13, 2020
Surveys are being undertaken this week at the Civic Offices car park, off Elstree Way, Borehamwood to assess whether a single deck extension could be added to increase capacity.  

In March this year, our Executive agreed the award of contract for the design and construction of a single deck extension to part of the Civic Office car park
The contract is in two phases.  The first stage includes  the surveys which are currently being carried out to help with the final design proposal.

Once the survey and design works are completed a planning application will be submitted to the council’s  planning committee and residents and stakeholders will have the opportunity to comment as part of the formal planning consultation process.

The formal planning application may be submitted in June or July this year but that is dependent on the outcome of the survey works currently being undertaken.

Councillor Jean Heywood, Portfolio Holder for Transport and Parking, commented: “The current car park has 400 spaces.  It’s well used and full to capacity on most normal working days.

“We hope that as the economy springs back there will be more people working in the area and, with the continued development of the Elstree Way Corridor, including the old police station site, parking demand will increase.  The current provision is becoming increasingly inadequate.

“The proposed steel framed decking system would cover part of the existing car park, limited to a single deck to minimise the impact on neighbouring properties.  It would provide around 200 additional spaces, increased electric charging points, allocated car sharing spaces and improved CCTV coverage.
Posted on Wednesday 13th May 2020

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