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Hertsmere supports new joint committee for growth

Last Modified November 19, 2020
Hertsmere Borough Council, along with Dacorum, is the latest of 11 councils on the Hertfordshire Growth Board to officially announce its support for the new statutory joint committee.

Building upon the success of the growth board collaboration over the last two years, the new committee, made up of Hertfordshire council leaders and chair of the Local Enterprise Partnership, will work within a democratic framework in all its future decision making.

This increased openness and transparency in the meetings of the growth board will provide a means for businesses, stakeholders and residents to understand how the work of the board will support the delivery of good growth with long-term benefits for Hertfordshire.

North Hertfordshire District Council, Broxbourne Borough Council, Three Rivers District Council, Hertfordshire County Council, Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership and Watford Borough Council have also given their formal support for the new joint committee.

Councillor David Williams, Leader of Hertfordshire County Council and Chair of Hertfordshire Growth Board, said: “The joint committee is a positive step and an important evolution of the growth board governance.

"The county council supports the work of the growth board and its commitment to ensuring residents, businesses and stakeholders are part of the county’s growth journey, from meetings right through to delivery. We welcome the increased openness and transparency this joint committee will bring.”

Councillor Morris Bright MBE, Leader of Hertsmere Borough Council, said: “Hertsmere, like many other parts of the country, faces huge challenges and opportunities beyond this pandemic.

“We need more jobs and businesses to invest locally, more homes and different types of homes to be built and we need the infrastructure to support that growth, in order to meet the needs of our existing residents and future generations.

“To help prepare and shape our future as best we can, we must have a seat at the table when the wider strategic growth ambitions for the county are discussed. Our membership of the Hertfordshire Growth Board Joint Committee gives us just that.

“Also by agreeing to the formalisation of Hertfordshire Growth Board into a statutorily constituted committee, we open doors to funding, put in place formal governance arrangements and enhance transparency of the board.

“We can then harness the views of our residents, businesses and stakeholders so they can work with us to ensure that Hertsmere, and Hertfordshire, continue to be wonderful places to live, work and study."

Councillor Andrew Williams, Leader of Dacorum Borough Council, said “The three pillars of the Hertfordshire Growth Board are people, place and prosperity. And through the growth board collaboration we will act together to meet the real challenges of economic growth and provide homes for now and for future generations.

"At the same time we will also be coordinating and managing the delivery of strategic infrastructure to support this growth and to meet the changing needs of Hertfordshire residents.”

Press release issued in partnership with Hertfordshire Growth Board.

Posted on Thursday 19th November 2020

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