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Funding worthwhile schemes in the borough

Last Modified November 09, 2017

Two local projects have received a much-needed boost thanks to financial contributions from borough councillors.

Our Ward Improvement Initiative Scheme (WIIS) gives each of our 39 councillors £500 to spend on local projects throughout the year.

Councillor Morris Bright, Leader of the Council, said: "Our Ward Improvement Initiative Scheme is all about funding small projects in local areas to benefit active communities.

"The many schemes and projects that local councillors support show the wide range of the programmes and activities for all ages that can benefit from this scheme. Both I and all the local councillors who have allocated WIIS funds wish the schemes all the very best with their respective programmes and activities."

Councillor Gary Silver from Borehamwood Brookmeadow ward, gave £500, Cllr Morris Bright and Cllr Harvey Cohen, both from Elstree ward gave £150 and £100 respectively to United Synagogue to improve community and interfaith relations by engaging and educating about Judaism.

Potters Bar Furzefield Councillors Cynthia Barker, Martin Worster and Peter Knell, each gave £145, £145 and £108 respectively to fund two high back arm chairs for the Sixty-Plus scheme.

If you want to apply to Hertsmere’s WIIS please contact your local borough councillor or call 020 8207 7801 – for more information visit www.hertsmere.gov.uk/WIIS

Posted on Thursday 9th November 2017

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