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Events management company now based at former Bushey Country Club site

Last Modified November 06, 2018

A wedding and events management company has taken up occupation of the former Bushey Country Club site as ‘meanwhile users’, following legal agreement.

 SMM (UK) Ltd will occupy the site, which we own, whilst the longer term future of the asset is considered.

 Since the closure of Bushey Country Club, we have been reviewing options to secure a long term future of the site which would generate income and be of benefit to both Bushey and the wider communities in Hertsmere.

 Councillor Paul Morris OBE, Portfolio Holder for Community and Economic Development, explained: “Whilst we continue to work on developing a range of options for the longer term future of the site and consult Hertsmere residents, we considered it prudent to go out to the market for expressions of interest to occupy the site on a ‘meanwhile’ basis.

“We’re delighted that SMM (UK) Ltd are now occupying the site, fulfilling our undertaking to generate income from this asset and to keep it as a busy, functioning hub for Bushey, and the borough more widely, for the next two to five years.

“They’ll operate wedding and events management at the site, and also take responsibility for maintaining the golf course and other utilities.

“The community centre, which is seeing a good level of usage, will be able to continue to operate as part of this plan and the pay and display car park will remain under our management.”

Property Guardians, who have been ensuring site security in recent months, have moved out of the site.

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 To discuss events, the SMM (UK) Ltd contact is Francesca Ashby on 020 7118 1717

Posted on Tuesday 6th November 2018

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