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Webcasting of full council meeting

Last Modified November 19, 2019

We have decided not to live webcast our full council meeting which takes place from 7.30pm on Wednesday 20 November. 

We are currently in a pre-election period ahead of the General Election on 12 December, which places restrictions on the information we can publish through our communication channels, including our website. 

We normally live webcast our full council meetings, but it was considered more appropriate to record the webcast of our full council meeting on 20 November and post the recording on our website immediately after the General Election, and not live webcast it on this occasion. 

The debates at these meetings, which can sometimes be politically sensitive, could influence or affect support for a particular political party and we have a duty to remain politically neutral through our communication channels throughout the pre-election period.  

All three party group leaders have been informed of, and accepted, this decision. 

We will continue with live webcasting our full council meetings as normal after the General Election. 


Posted on Tuesday 19th November 2019

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