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Calling for improvements to local road networks

Last Modified November 24, 2023

A motion calling for Hertsmere to receive its fair share of government grants to improve the borough's road networks has been agreed.

Our councillors approved the motion at our Full Council meeting this week (Wednesday 22 November) calling for Hertfordshire County Council to recognise their ongoing neglect of Hertsmere’s local roads and to ensure the borough receives a fair share of funding to repair potholes.

The motion, endorsed by 19 of 39 councillors, highlighted that the government spent £192,000 per mile on maintaining strategic roads, such as motorways and major ‘A’ roads compared to just £6,000 on fixing potholes on local roads.

It is believed that of the 3,200 miles of roadways in Hertfordshire, there is approximately two potholes per road in the county.

In June this year, Hertfordshire County Council secured funding of £4m from the government to address the issue of potholes in our roads, which Hertsmere is calling to receive an equitable share of.

Cllr Dr Helen Green, ward councillor for Bentley Heath and The Royds, who proposed the motion, said: "The government spends almost £200,000 per mile of maintaining strategic roads, but this is at the direct expense of local roads, which receive just £6,000 per mile. As a result, our local roads are falling in to disrepair with potholes causing an issue for our residents.

“Our roads are maintained by Hertfordshire County Council, which has received an extra £4m in funding to address the issue of potholes in our county. All we are asking is for Hertsmere to receive its fair share of the funding with £400,000 being ring-fenced for repairs in our borough.”

Cllr Renos Georgiou, who represents Potters Bar Oakmere and seconded the motion, said: "Unfortunately, it is often the case that Hertsmere does not receive its fair share of funding, so we are calling for the borough’s road network to be fairly included within any future plans to repair potholes.

"We are asking for the Cabinet to consider what more can be done to press County Council’s Highways Portfolio Holder to allocate this funding fairly and to achieve prompt repairs to potholes on Hertsmere’s roads.”

To find out more about the motion and listen to the discussion, visit Council - Wednesday 22 November 2023, 7:30pm - Hertsmere Borough Council Webcasting (public-i.tv)   The discussion starts at 2 hrs, 23 mins and 45 seconds into the webcast.  

Posted on Friday 24th November 2023

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