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Recognising Hertsmere Housing team's support for Afghan families

Last Modified November 10, 2023

The hard work and commitment that our Housing team has dedicated to supporting the needs of Afghan families with legally settled status has been highlighted. 

In response to the Home Office giving four months’ notice of their decision to withdraw support to Afghan households staying in bridging hotels from the end of August, our Housing specialists worked to support 58 households, comprising 266 individuals, in finding suitable housing, in most cases private rented housing, across Hertfordshire and further afield.  These individuals all had legally resettled status after their dramatic evacuation from Afghanistan. 

Cllr Alan Matthews, Portfolio Holder for Housing and Housing Development, commented: “As I reported to November’s Policy Review Committee, our Housing staff worked tirelessly to meet the daunting challenges brought on us by the Home Office ultimatum. 

“When notice was served, affecting the hotel in Hertsmere that was being used by the Home Office, we faced significant risk of potential homeless applications resulting in increased use and cost of temporary accommodation and placing additional demands on the serious shortage of social housing in the borough.

“I thank the team for their considerable efforts in supporting and encouraging moves, mainly in families’ preferred areas across the county supported by specific government funding.   We are hopeful that after the trauma of fleeing Afghanistan and a prolonged period in hotel accommodation, these families will now be able to rebuild their lives in the UK.”

Posted on Friday 10th November 2023

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