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Proposed temporary housing scheme aims to keep local families in the borough

Last Modified October 16, 2017
Crown Road proposed temp accomm application

There’s an opportunity to find out more about an innovative proposal aimed at helping to address temporary accommodation needs in the borough.

The proposal would see an area that currently comprises two large blocks of garages that we own in Crown Road, Borehamwood being developed into modular temporary accommodation consisting of 28 residential units.

These new units would help us to address a pressing requirement for short term accommodation in Hertsmere for those in urgent housing need.

Information panels with further details of the proposals will be available to view at the community hub at 96 Shenley Road, Borehamwood from Monday 16 October. 

Councillor John Graham, our Portfolio Holder for Finance, Property and Economic Development, commented: “This scheme would enable us to use our land to provide safe, comfortable and secure homes for local families in urgent housing need in a location close to schools and facilities, enabling them to stay in the area, near their relatives and friends. 

“Currently we rely heavily on private sector accommodation for those in need of temporary housing. This can often be outside the borough and expensive. This proposal for a modular development would be a more sustainable way of helping to meet our housing requirements."

The planning application for the proposal has been published and can be viewed via our planning application page and searching under reference number 17/1950/FUL.  If you live near to the proposed scheme, you should receive a letter in the coming days with details of the application and how you can comment.

Posted on Tuesday 10th October 2017

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