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Borehamwood Kenilworth by election - statement from Chief Executive Donald Graham

Last Modified September 04, 2017

As the Returning Officer for Hertsmere, I was notified of the resignation of a councillor in the Kenilworth ward of Borehamwood. The resignation was with immediate effect.

As a consequence I was obliged to set a date for an election within 35 working days.  In doing so officers duly checked our calendar days that led to the choice of 5 October as the first available Thursday, albeit falling on a Jewish holiday.

Unlike when setting our council and committee meetings we did not check religious days for any faith groups. Under electoral law, 'dies non' days are the only days to be avoided.  These are bank holidays, weekends and Christmas Eve.

I am also now told that the following Thursday, 12 October, is also a Jewish holiday.

I am very sorry that I am unable to accommodate a change to the date.

Please be assured that any voter may have a postal vote (as long as they apply for one by 20 September) or a proxy vote (which must be applied for 27 September) by 5pm on these respective days. 

Residents can register online www.gov.uk/register-to-vote or by phoning the direct line to our Electoral Services department on 0208 207 7481.  The team can also help with enquiries about proxy and postal voting. 

Additionally I have increased the print run for postal votes to accommodate any increased demand.

Once again I apologise for any inconvenience this date may have caused any of our residents.

Posted on Monday 4th September 2017

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