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Mayor and Leader join devotees for Janmashtami

Last Modified September 08, 2023

Joining thousands of devotees at Bhaktivedanta Manor's Janmashtami Festival yesterday (Thursday 6 September) were the Mayor of Hertsmere and the Leader of our Council. 

Mayor Cllr Chris Myers commented: "It was an absolute pleasure to join everyone in celebrating Krishna Janmashtami, the birthday of the Hindu god.  We were all made to feel so welcome by everyone at the Manor and the spirit of vibrancy and joy was palpable.  I wish them all the best for the continuing celebrations this weekend."

Leader of the Council, Cllr Jeremy Newmark, also recently wrote to Bhaktivedanta Manor extending his congratulations to them on their 50th anniversary.  His letter read: 

"It is an immense privilege to send our warmest congratulations on this auspicious anniversary.

Since 1973 your remarkable institution has become an integral part of Hertsmere.  Your annual Janmashtami festival is an incredible spectacle, not least for the 1100 volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to these magnificent rituals and celebrations.  Your contribution to wider society in providing hundreds of thousands of free meals to those in need, is immense.

Your temple and indeed your faith is rooted in ancient eastern wisdom.  Yet your activities and programmes help to address some of the key challenges of the modern world, helping so many people to find peace, purpose, sanctuary and mental wellbeing.

On behalf of Hertsmere Borough Council, I offer our heartfelt congratulations, and blessings for all that you have achieved over the past 50 years.  May you continue to go from strength to strength as you look forward to the next 50 years."

If you're attending the further celebrations this weekend, do keep an eye on your travel apps and bulletins to help with your journey.  

Posted on Friday 8th September 2023

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