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Safeguarding Statement

Last Modified November 09, 2020

Safeguarding Statement

We are committed to safeguarding our community so it is a safe place for everyone to live in. We promote a safeguarding culture to prevent abuse and neglect alongside our vision to improve the life and well-being of all of our residents.

Working in partnership with the community and safeguarding authorities, we aim to make sure that those using its services are protected from abuse and neglect. We make staff aware, through the provision of appropriate training and guidance, how to recognise signs and take any appropriate action to prevent abuse occurring. In all of our work, we consider how to make communities safer.

Abuse of children and vulnerable adults is never acceptable in any circumstances and everyone has the right to be safe and protected. Our staff must report all incidents or concerns that they have relating to the well-being of an individual or if they suspect human trafficking, modern slavery or extremism.

Members of the public who have a safeguarding concern about a child or an adult, should follow the guidance provided by Hertfordshire County Council. The links to their websites are as follows.


For more information on what to do if you suspect a child or adult is at risk refer to our information page entitled ‘What to do?’

Safeguarding Lead, Sajida Bijle, sajida.bijle@hertsmere.gov.uk

Safeguarding Officer, Judith Fear, judith.fear@hertsmere.gov.uk

Prevent Lead, Valerie Kane, valerie.kane@hertsmere.gov.uk


View our Safeguarding  Policy

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