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Financial documents

Last Modified November 03, 2023

We publish a number of documents relating to our financial matters.

If you would like hard copies of a document, please use our online request form

Annual external audit

Each year external auditors issue a report about our financial arrangements, looking at securing economy, efficiency, effectiveness, value for money and our overall financial performance.

The work carried out in preparing this report is used in conjunction with other work undertaken by the auditors as part of their annual assessment of our Use of Resources Judgements which are reported each November.

The annual audit and inspection letter incorporates all external audit work carried out during the year and reports on our overall performance.


Notice of Inspection 2021-22

Notice of Inspection 2020-21

Audit Results Report 2019-20

Conclusion of audit of accounts 2019-20 rights of members of the public

Notice of Inspection 2019-20

Audit Results Report 2018-19

Conclusion of audit of accounts 2018-19 rights of members of the public

Notice of Inspection 2018-19

Annual Audit Letter 2017-18

Audit Results Report 2017-18

Conclusion of audit of accounts 2017-18 rights of members of the public

HBC Local Code of Governance update May 2018

Notice of Inspection 2017-18

Annual budget

The annual budget is used to determine the level of council tax paid each year and is approved by the full council each February.

Budget Book 23-24

Budget Book 22-23

Budget Book 21-22

Budget Book 2020-21

Budget Book 2019-20

Budget Book 2018-19

Budget Book 2017-18

Fees and charges


Fees and Charges 2023-24

Fees and Charges 2022-23

Fees and Charges 2021-22

Fees and charges 2017 18

Finance strategies

Our financial strategy provides a framework to manage our financial resources.

Financial Strategy 2018-19


Treasury management strategy


Treasury Management Strategy 2022-23

Treasury Management Strategy 2021-22

Treasury Management Strategy 2020-21

Treasury Management Strategy 2019-20

Treasury Management Strategy 2018-19

Treasury Management Strategy 2017-18

Annual Governance Statement

Draft  Annual Governance Statement 2021-22

Annual Governance Statement 2020-21

Annual Governance Statement 2019-20


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